Friday, 11 May 2012


From early font to almost grave, I have plodded this ancient earth, looking, listening, asking, seeking. From preachers I’ve heard of lust, sin, & eternal hell. I watched from afar, Buddhists at prayer, Hindus chanting, rabbis at the wailing wall, & heard from Muslims their sacred words, but still I seek, my questions unheard. The Bible, the Torah, the Koran, & more, from east to west, I beg, I implore. What´s right? What’s wrong? Which way to go? I swam the oceans & seven seas, asking dolphins, whales & those with scales. I flew with eagles & floated with clouds, whispering my pleas to the wind, rain & breeze. I dug deep into moist dark soil, asking the roots of ancient trees to uncoil, the mysteries of my lost path. I threw my arms out, begging the moon who showed her motherly love with a smile, I bowed down to the mighty sun who laughed, & said, “move on”. I turned over rocks as old as time, but they kept their secrets close. So I ambled & walked, crawled & roamed until I came to the forest, lost & alone. I came across an ancient grove where a circle of white clad druids chanted in drone. They opened the circle & beckoned me join. Each of my trembling hands was taken in warm welcome, & I knew I had come full circle, back home.

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