Sunday, 20 May 2012


Clouds of once upon a time drift through my mind,
Lagoons of lace, seas of crystal, muddy pools turn to ice,
Limbs of mother, of sticky new babe with love entwined,
Pan on his pipes, Bacchus aflame, Diana of the woods entice,
The hunter crouches, the deer falls upon laughing stone,
The trout lazily weeps without knowing why,
Run gypsy boy, it´s not easy, but try to find your home,
Dove ribbons glide pinkly, as Venus beckons from the sky,
Afraid of the dark, of death, of sleep divine,
Candy floss, milkshakes, & lollipop sweet I see,
A fiesta of joy, celebrated & sublime,
I see it all, a past behind sunset lid, & they see me not.

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