Saturday, 19 May 2012


Neptune of the depths reach out,
The sky is passing by,
Touch the hand of Thor your friend,
Order mermen down to lie.
Trident within your saline grip,
Salty breath upon the wave,
Blow the horn of shell from your lip,
Every scale beneath, your slave.
Neptune, god of oceans wide,
The sky is passing by,
Cindered ablaze with tangerine,
Mermaids slither & hide.
Sliding, slipping, skulking below,
All creatures yours, king of the foam,
Protect & grip them to your breast,
Give them sustenance, peace & rest.
Neptune, father of all who swim,
The sky is passing by,
Fact or fiction, you exist,
Heed not the reasons, wherefores, nor the whys?

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