Tuesday, 15 May 2012

WHITE INK-BLACK PAPER: (The curse of apartheid)

What are you thinking in your dark cave cell?
Thoughts must be beyond you at this stage,
Leave the thinking to us on the outside, we deserve it.
We´ve done our best to save you Benjamin, but to no avail,
& now all we can do is to sadly think of you, for you.
Your mind is as your cell, blank, a void of feeling-less,
A world as blank as the white unwritten poem,
The poem you write upon your white, white paper.
Have you ever wished to write upon black page?
But then you would need to write in white ink,
Would you then wish your ink to be black,
As black as the struggling people of your nation?
White on white, black on black, no words seen.
There´d be no message written by your quivering hand,
All thoughts would fly around your frustrated brain,
In confusion, as the confusion in your chained country.
Have your jailers given you pen & paper for you to write,
To leave a message on your last thoughts on dying?
If they did, was it white paper, white ink Benjamin?
If so, there can be no thoughts recorded,
No thoughts on living, no thoughts on dying,
Your page shall remain blank, silent.
You are glad you are leaving the confusion behind,
Leaving the bitter & twisted thinking to us.
Your death permits not white ink to write on white paper,
Your death permits not black ink to write on black paper,
But your death cannot be ignored Benjamin.
Worldwide we shall not stop thinking.
close your eyes my gentle black friend,
Reach for your goal, we are all with you,
Benjamin Moloise.

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