Sunday, 13 May 2012


How was the world the day I met you?
There were diamonds on leaves instead of the dew,
The birds didn’t chirp, but sang Chopin & Strauss,
I lived in a dream & not in a house.
The dawn wasn’t cool, it was moulten warm,
I rose with a laugh, not the usual yawn,
The sky that day, was neither grey nor blue,
It was rosy due to my love for you.
The seagulls turned into flags of satin,
Upon rainbow clouds, cut from a pattern,
Instead of the pony upon the green hill,
Stood Pegasus beyond my herbed window sill.
The sea turned to mauve silk that magic day,
Neptune hailed love from his briny sleigh,
The gold fields were really angels bedecked,
With spring earrings & flowery necks,
The swallow dipped & winked with ruby eye,
Turquoise mists descended as heaven sighed,
Everything changed the day I met you,
I only hope that for you, it changed too.
The sunset blazed with a passionate smile,
We walked a minute & gazed a mile,
Sapphire shadows bade us goodnight,
But only you were in my blind sight.
The moon was silver & her laugh was clear,
But we didn’t care, didn’t even hear,
That night, royal blue velvet, I vaguely recall,
But I saw saffron, which happens in love, when you fall.
Many years have passed & you are still my love,
But now all colours are normal, below & above,
Birds are just birds with no jeweled eyes,
And the pony is Pegasus I see upon the rise.
Neptune doesn’t exist they say,
Birds just chirp, angels too far away,
The moon is cream, & bloodless sun too bright,
Everything normal again, everything right.
Does this mean I do not love, do not care?
No, through all these years, as Gemini, we are a pair,
Love´s first explosion is crazy it seems,
It still continues, but gently now in her sweet dreams.
I see the world in her beauty, her natural form,
Not in the strange, as when our love was born,
Everything fits now, like us, into place,
As I gaze into your love-lined, time-etched face.

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