Thursday, 10 May 2012


You may be black, or you may be white,
From Bethlehem or Chobe, this Christmas night.
Dressed in tight swaddling cloth maybe,
Or loin cloth made of African bead.

Your mother may have pale blue eyes & skin of milk,
Or maybe a black Madonna with breast of silk.
The carpenter may look into your crib with pride,
Or it could be the hunter clad in animal hide.

The Royal Kings pay homage, the shepherds bow,
Or are your visitors the warthog & his lady sow?
Sweet voices serenade & sing.
Or could it be the crickets & insects that sting?

Gold, incense & myrrh they bring to you,
Or maybe it´s herbs green,& rare water blue.
The Angels stand guard above your head,
Or is it the wing of shrike cooling your bushy bed?

The star above the manger shines bright tonight,
But if you´re Chobe´s child, that star shines every night.
You bring peace to the world at Christmas time,
In Chobe there´s peace all the time.

Both are babes & sons of God,
One born in a manger, the other in sod,
One black, one white, it matters not,
Each one is just a tiny tot.

Chobe´s child, Oh Chobe´s child,
You brought peace to me & I smiled.
Africa´s Picinnini, God´s sweet son,
Run free this Christmas beneath Chobe´s sun.

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