Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hallelujah, it´s Christmas in the Caprivi,
Christmas time again in the Strip,
But there´s no tinsel, nor crackers,& no TV,
No Santa, no presents, no champagne to sip.

In Caprivi it´s all happening today,
The apes shouting, "bottoms up, & cheers",
Even baboons saying, "hip-hip hooray",
And the crocodile has forgotten his tears.

The shrike flies with a scarlet swoop,
The vulture struts & forgets to brood,
Into the river the wild geese troop,
The anteater eats, the lion´s full of food.

Everyone is happy in Caprivi strip,
The elephants stagger, drunk with fruit,
The kingfisher dives & royally dips,
While the barbel leaps, & the hoopoe hoops.

Hark the herald crickets sing,
Glory to the new Picinnini born,
They´ve heard he is to be the King,
But he has no tail & bares no horn.

The lion is wary it´s true to say,
He´s the King at the moment you see,
"I hope this Picinnini doesn’t get in the way",
"Jealousy gets you nowhere," shouts the owl from his tree.

The hippos wallow in happy mud,
The air is different today in the strip.
The marula falls to the ground with a thud,
The giraffe bends to the river to gently sip.

The gnus gobble a Christmas feast,
The eland dances through African veldt,
A feeling of joy runs through every beast,
The sun is gold & hot enough to melt.

Butterflies & dragonflies, gaudily dressed,
The dung beetle be-suited in party black,
Every creature knows that today is blessed,
Even the serpent weaves a friendly track.

Pelicans waddle a rock & roll,
Rosy flamingoes, waltz so slow,
The rhino jiggles in his dusty hole,
Even the chongololo lets his happiness show.

Today is Christmas in the Caprivi strip,
Here too, they celebrate the birth of Christ the babe,
Where the beasts run wild & gently trip,
They celebrate the babe, so perfectly made.

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