Tuesday, 8 May 2012


It´s Christmas time on this earth again,
And I know a child, John, living in England´s misty rain.
He is loved & plump, fed on vitamins too,
Pink of cheek, fair hair & eyes so blue.

For John this time means a Christmas tree,
With a fairy on top, & squeals of glee,
The scent of pine, cracker, bang, gold & red,
Santa arriving on his festooned sled.

A cozy fire, children singing "Silent Night",
Outside, it´s cold, hard, snowy & white.
Decorations & presents wrapped up fine,
Toys & sweeties, & for adults, rosy-red wine.

There´ll be turkey, goose, & veggies galore,
Mince pies & pudding, who could ask for more?
Happy Christmas John on this Christmas day,
But let´s not forget the child living far away.

It’s Christmas in Africa too this day,
And Tembi´s the child who lives far away.
He´s small & thin, & brown as a nut,
He has pools for eyes, & lives in a hut.

Tembi has his Christmas tree too,
But on top, instead of a fairy, sits an old hoopoe.
The scent of marula sweet, & crackle of his fire of gold.
The white head of the man, not Santa, but his Grandpa old.

While crickets sing, Grandpa spins an ancient tale,
Around the bush fire warm, under the big moon pale.
The sky, decorated with a million stars this night,
But while I sip marula beer, I notice one more bright.

His porridge pot is on the boil tonight,
He´ll sit till he sees dawn´s soft twilight.
Happy Christmas little Tembi boy,
May you this special night enjoy.

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