Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Remember those days, when as children, we´d play?

Under the warm sunshine or rain, outside every day,

We´d climb slippery old anthills, to be close to the sky,

Trying to catch rainbows, which were always too high.


And when at night, on porches, we would sit in the dark,

Hugging, we´d listen to hyenas, as they prowled & barked,

Ever hoping that shooting stars, would fall into our pockets,

And aliens would visit us, in the bright shiny green rockets.


We would search under bushes, for imps, fairies & elves,

Always believing in dreams & magic, but just for ourselves,

We´d go looking for dragons in brown crocodile streams,

We were two little girls then, always hunting for dreams.


Our dry African veldt, became the land of dreamt wishes,

Where antelopes flew, birds swam & lions became fishes,

Where the sand sung old songs of their lost oceans & seas,

Do you remember my friend, when you once played with me?



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