Sunday, 15 June 2014


Mama listen to me, I have something to say,

Tell it to the wind my child,

I have no time to waste & now I cannot stay.


Papa stop awhile please & listen now to me,

Tell it to the wind my love,

I am far too busy now, so please leave me be.


Friend, please will you stop & listen to my tale?

Tell it to the wind my dear,

I have no need now, to listen to you weep & wail.


Sweetheart, will you please listen to my old story?

Tell it to the wind my darling,

I´m off now to seek my fortune & battled glories.


My son, would you mind listening to me awhile?

Tell it to the wind mother,

I have to go now, so bless me with your smile.


Dearest wind, do you happen to have some time?

Yes dear soul, you may now tell me your all,

Your stories, woes & secrets, shall also be all mine.






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