Friday, 27 June 2014


Ambitions big, ambitions small,

Ambitions for them, ambitions for her.


I have ambitions & they are big ones too,

But I know, they´d be dull ambitions to you,

They´re not of big car, nor luxurious home,

Not of holidays to Madrid, Paris or Rome,

No dancing in clubs, to loud music of bands,

No raucous strange voices, in exotic far lands.


I have my ambitions, but not for material things,

I want to listen to birds & spread wide my wings,

I want to watch snowdrops, behind icy glass panes,

I want to whisper with winds & dance under the rain,

I wish to smell the scent of seas & perfume of flowers,

And just sit & reminisce for seconds, minutes & hours.


I have my ambitions, now far too many to mention,

As ambitions go, flaunting all accepted conventions,

I wish to taste droplets of lakes, salty oceans & seas,

I want to go travelling to my soul, deep within me,

I want to play again, with the little child I once knew,

And achieving my ambitions, I shall get to know you.





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