Wednesday, 25 June 2014


I used to be your lover; I used to be your wife,

Now I change & feed you & alleviate your strife,

I used to wear my finery & once I curled my hair,

Now I wear an overall & push you in your chair.


You once sung me love songs & whispered in my ear,

Now you look past me & my words you never hear,

You once stroked my breasts & looked into my eyes,

Now you don´t touch me, yet your eyes question why.


Now I´m just your carer, but once I was your friend,

Now I stroke your cheek, knowing you´ll not mend,

Today you do not know me, not even know my name,

I may be just your carer, but I love you just the same.


I vowed, “for richer or for poorer, in illness or in health,”

I´m a carer, here for love & not for any given wealth,

Lovers will always care & good friends are carers too,

So I shall stay by your side & forever, I´ll care for you.


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