Saturday, 14 June 2014


Turning the key, lifting the latch, opening the door,

Ssh, one step at a time, footsteps crossing the floor,

The cracking, the creaking, the sighing of old wood,

Door wide open, sun shining, just where she stood.


Breaking open the shell of her hardened sore heart,

On feeling the warmth, not knowing where to start,

But with a mere caress, a kiss & a gentle kind word,

She knows beyond closed door, her voice will be heard.


Unwrapping tight layers, around forgotten cold soul,

Revealing the kernel of her being & leaving her whole,

The ice-bound nub of the person she was & used to be,

Thawed by love, now melting & lets her fly away free.


Opening the old door, on an old life lived & now gone,

Ridding her being of darkness, where the sun once shone,

Illuminating her hard heart, soul & sad frozen cold being,

With new wings spread, her old life is now away fleeing.

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