Sunday, 22 June 2014


She said,

“Give me your little hand & we´ll walk life´s journey together”,

Then as we left our cloud, she dropped a single white feather,

And hand in hand, down the hallway of warm & canalled birth,

We arrived together, for our adventures upon this very earth.


She was there,

Through playground capers of blood, scrapes & eyes teared,

Through the loves spurned & the one who became endeared,

As an innocent bride, she stood behind my virginal shoulder,

As mothers & grannies, together we were as strong as boulders.


She stayed,

With the passing of years, she always stayed my best friend,

Together since birth, with her, I never had to lie or pretend,

I greyed & got wrinkled, but she always just stayed the same,

She told me gently, “It´s merely your flesh that´s to blame”.


She said,

Then the day arrived when she said, “It’s now time to go home,

Our long journey´s now over child”, she said in the softest of tone,

“So give me your old hand now & we´ll walk this tunnel together”,

As we walked to the light, we each dropped a single white feather.


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