Thursday, 12 September 2013


Little lad, with finger in mouth & wide saucer eyes,
Peering through mullioned window, heaven he espies,
Going through old red door with little bell that tinkles,
Faced with smiling old man, with blue eyes that twinkled.

Oh the choice, surely too much, for a little fellow so small,
Snake-black liquorice ropes & stripy rock, coloured & tall, 
Chunks of dark brown syrupy carob & rich chocolate swirls,
Cool mints in dark green & snow white & sticky toffee whirls.

Bubble gums in pink, lollipops of rainbows & soft walnut whips,
Strawberry, lemon, creamy caramel dips & crunchy nutty crisps,
Sherbet dabs, striped humbugs & pear drops, sweet, sharp & tart,
Harsh hard peppermints that burn tongues & make little eyes smart.

Little bottles of jeweled wine gums & those funny gummy bears,
For little laddies sucking thumbs & wee lassies wide-eyed stares,
Jelly beans & chocolate drops melting, & leaving joy that lingers,
And when they´re all gobbled & gone, the licking of little fingers.

His little eyes look around, with awe & innocent childhood wonder,
Not knowing what to choose, spoilt for choice to opt, pick & ponder,
“What can I get you sonny?” asked the old gentleman behind the smile,
“I don’t know”, said the little boy, “please sir, may I stay & stare awhile?”

Then the little lad saw what he wanted & he pointed to high glass jar,
It was filled with such pretty colours, big, high up & so very, very far,
Out of the reach from temptation & little fingers, “I´ll some of these”,
“Please sir, a tuppeny worth of dolly mixtures & in a twist please”.

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