Friday, 6 September 2013


I search through attics & dusty old shelves,
At the bottom of deep drawers I dig & I delve,
I´m seeking old memories & long gone faces,
Where in everyday life, I can now find no traces.

In old found albums, I find grey history now past,
And ask myself, “where has time gone by so fast?”
And as I turn yellowing pages of old sepia whispers,
Eyes looking back at me, through plastic that blisters.

Babies once glowing & rosy, now grown up & gone,
Shadowy images, where happy suns long ago shone,
Young people laughing & those elder´s soft smiles,
Have they really moved on & walked all those miles?

Fresh childhood faces & those of friends & old loves,
Family members no more, all gone to heaven above,
The bootees, wedding dress & black widow´s weeds,
Life´s journey, to grave from the scattering of seeds.

In closing album pages, with the final puff of lost dust,
Padlocking the past, behind old memories of cruel rust,
A lifetime of lost loved ones, in fading black & lost white,
Those days disappeared now, as we march into life´s night.

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