Saturday, 14 September 2013


The beast is culled & the tree is uprooted,
Hewn, shot, cut down & now sadly booted,
It does not belong & should never be here,
The poor innocents shake & tremble in fear.

Man emigrated, discovered, travelled & moved,
Over seas, through air, on foot & long ago hooved,
Digging, planting & killing in those faraway lands,
Meddling in all, with their sick minds & sad hands.

Removing, taking, sending, to & from all nations wide,
Tusk, plume, seed, egg, plant & from beasts, horn & hide,
 Placing the poor saddened aliens in hostile foreign places,
Now, same unhappy creatures hinder man´s natural spaces.

Aliens now not wanted, propagating, breeding & spreading,
Their awful presence, leaving men shaking heads & dreading,
Defenceless species, no fault of theirs in these cruel lands,
Due to yearning of man´s greed & the meddling of his hands.

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