Friday, 13 September 2013


Amongst the fragile bottles, pretty pots & old jars,
Chemist mixes herbs, picked from under dawn´s stars,
Old pestle & mortar, pounding pods & magical seeds,
Releasing pungent juice & sap from roots & wild weeds.

Powders, unguents, salves & soothing smooth balms,
Herb poultices for pain & creams that soothingly calms,
Thick syrups in virulent colours & black- bitter dark lotions,
Herbs, leaves & bark, stewed in pots & strained into potions.

Squeezed, stirred & mixed, fragrant reductions of fine oils,
Bandage of herbs & plasters of leaves, for relief of sore boils,
Ancient herbal concoctions, tasting sour, bitter & so very vile,
Old recipes for the purging of bad spirits & the cleansing of bile.

Old apothecary, respected, bespectacled & long-grey bearded,
Reeking of dark forests, fields of herbs & old-river deep reeded,
Old master of herbs, sage of his craft, to cure ills, calm & all heal,
Apothecary, chemist, Ovate & healer, leaving his old herbal seal.

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