Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Permission to laugh & permission to smile,
That first little step will take you that mile,
And no more tears, nor wrinkled sad frowns,
Take a good tip from those frivolous clowns.

The booming guffaw of grey roaring oceans,
Learn & listen to waves that stir all emotions,
The giggling hysterics of silly gurgling streams,
And all their joy could be in your happy  dreams.

The howling laughter of winds, all gone astray,
Release your mirth & let your voice out to play,
The musical twitterings of leaves in their trees,
As they gambol & dance with snickering breeze.

Oh my serious little one, you´re allowed to laugh,
You have God´s permission to be more than half,
So twitch your sweet lips & start with that smile,
And you´ll take the first step, to walking that mile.

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