Thursday, 26 September 2013


I am now old & grey child & it is time for me to go,
Sit yourself down; there is something you must know,
I have no gold & silver, to leave you upon my going,
But the legacy I leave will be well worth your knowing.

I shall leave stepping stones, for you to weave your path,
I shall leave dry acorns, to burn well within your hearth,
I shall leave cold streams, with green lily-pads & fronds,
I shall leave mossy stones, for you to sit upon at ponds.

In dark & silent places, where you dip your dainty toe,
 I´ll leave my whispers, where gentle night winds blow,
I´ll leave the saline rocks, where Neptune´s tears seep,
Upon the throne of tombs, I´ll leave ivy to lie & creep.

I have no jewels, coins nor gems that I can leave for you,
Only places to go & hide, when you are feeling sad & blue,
But my child, while praying, in all theses sacred places,
Remember all the dear departed & truly well loved faces.

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