Wednesday, 18 September 2013


As the Spanish call sparks, all gone in a “chispa”,
Disappearing all in a flash, like a kiss & a whisper,
The glinting, sparking, a falling star in night´s dark,
The bird´s little tear drop, left alone on tree´s bark.

 Baby´s breath on your breast, then he leaves home,
When did he grow up so quickly & leave you alone?
The lover´s “I love you”, said & then left in the night,
Quick flash of a bomb, taking away fighting man´s sight.

The dancing step, the one that youth danced far away,
All over so quickly, those long days of ever sweet play,
 Sun disappearing, taking all warmth, before it has shone,
And as for the moon, first it was full & then it was gone.

The smiling, first so friendly & then turned to sour frown,
Quickly it managed to slip on the face & turn upside down,
The sweet honey on lips, turning to vinegar in harsh words,
A vision of Angels, flying away on the wings of sweet birds.

The little moth, born at dawn & dead in the dying of dusk,
Delicate petal dried, leaving a lingering fragrance of musk,
The drifting feather, wafting & briefly caressing man´s hand,
The minute little grain, of the ground down & unseen sand.

Warm of summer & cold of winter, seasons changing so fast,
Snowflakes melting, spring & autumn, now long gone & past,
Life, but a small Spanish “chispa”, a taking in of sudden breath,
And within a flash ending, in an exhaling, at our imminent death.

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