Thursday, 19 September 2013


Womb´s umbilical departure, of mother from her babe,
“Adieu little one & in your life, you never need be afraid,”
The tree´s whispering, to the sad, dying & loosened leaf,
As autumn creeps in from summer, death´s uninvited thief.

Seashores plead with the ebbings of the cold & cruel tides,
Begging the waves to stay, close by her weeping aching side,
And the sky asks migrating birds, to remain up above on high,
The dying rose to its petal, “please do not bid me goodbye”.

The day fades into gilt sadness, at its last sunshine´s beams,
Soft velvet night sighs to blue moon, as its last light is seen,
The sky asks the diamante stars to linger just a little longer,
As strength wanes in man, kneeling, he prays a little stronger.

Precious words upon the tongue, departing from sore heart,
“Please do not leave me”, words spoken from the very start,
Mother to son, lover to lover, all spoken within love´s sighing,
Leavings, goings on the sad departures, of far off & faraway dyings.

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