Saturday, 28 September 2013


Her cheek was softly touched by the feather & the dust,
Her tears gently mingled with elephant’s soft wept musth,
And soft footprints of great beasts lay gently next to hers,
Upon their cruel dying, all beasts to her, bequeath their furs.

She breathed in deep at night, sweet-bush-kissed breezes,
Drinking waters, where gazelles, the long reed softly teases,
As she quietly slept, old dreaming baobabs gave her shelter,
Her blood flowed within her veins, as the waters of the Delta.

The Kalahari winds whispered ancient love songs in her ear,
As Cupid dressed in skins, preps his bow, arrows & long spear,
Aiming for her heart & hopefully, her long & everlasting love,
But she turned her back, following insistent calling of the dove.

At night she laid her head, upon the bosoms of desert dunes,
Her dreams strummed on drums, to the beating of milk moons,
Old cicadas serenading, within her last breath warm & sighing,
Then she felt the throb of Africa, within her soft & gentle dying.

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