Tuesday, 24 September 2013


No need for Christmas, or any yearly birthday,
Presents, gifts & surprises, given every & any day,
Is it not the holiest gift, of every breath we take?
 Dawn ribbon wrapped, with every morn we wake.

The sun warming our cheeks & rain upon our skin,
With gifts like these, we can´t lose, we can only win,
Those presents of posies, petals & soft rosy blooms,
Aren’t we so lucky to see sun, stars & milky moon?

What about surprises? Like the arrival of the storm,
And upon this earth, there are beasts of fur & horn,
In the sky birds fly & there are leaves upon the trees,
And what about cold winds & whispers of the breeze?

The smile from a stranger & the giggling of the streams,
Presents, gifts, surprises, all ours, not just in our dreams,
Please just undo the wrappings & all these gifts are yours,
Opening up your heart & eyes, you´ll be opening all the doors.

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