Thursday, 30 April 2015


I am neither a number, nor a name,

I´m not photo in locket, upon a chain,

Not vote in ballot box, in your election,

Not test mark in exam, for your inspection,

I am just passing through.


I´m not pin, card, code, I´m no number at all,

I am not graffiti scrawled & left upon the wall,

I am not a document ticked, nor paper signed,

I am nothing important, that´s ever underlined,

I am just passing through.


I´m a seed, conceived in love, & planted on earth,

Embarking on the journey, that started with birth,

Merely tiptoeing lightly, & softly touching, as I must,

And at the end of all my learning, converting to dust,

I am just passing through.

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