Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Love´s not flowers, cards, chocolates & dining out,

Not the trinkets & champagne to remove all doubt,

It´s not garbing in satins & silks, to merely impress,

Love is a soul thing, stripped of dross & all that dress.


Love´s the look, the touch & the “just being there”,

Not the lace covered breast, nor the pearls in hair,

Love can be the argument, that niggle & that nag,

Love is a soul thing, outliving the wrinkles & sags.


Love´s that place, where hidden dreams are kissed,

The nitty-gritty of life & all the things you´ve missed,

It´s words of endearment, & sometimes well barbed,

Love is a soul thing, at times easy, at other times, hard.

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