Saturday, 25 April 2015


Who are you, who do you think you are?

Telling me where to go, & even just how far,

Who tells me what to vote, how & what to say,

What to eat & drink, how to exercise & play,

Who are you?


You tell me what to wear, what not & what to do,

Who do you think you are, who on earth are you?

Are you politician in his office, King within his court?

Are you someone special, to whom I must report?

Who are you?


You say I should listen & it´s to you, I should obey,

You say that I should be heeding, to all you do & say,

Are you the nun at her vespers or Druid in his Grove?

Maybe message in old footprint, of nomad as he roved?

Who are you?


You speak words of Imams, rulers, priests & preachers,

Looking down your nose at me, with potency of teachers,

I don´t need your words my friend, can you not just see?

The only mentor I need in life, is deep within only me,

Who are you?


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