Saturday, 2 May 2015


I chose the habit Lord, & made my home the church,

The love I have for you still makes my old heart lurch,

I´ve no regrets Lord, but please forgive me when I say,

I still miss the women´s things, whenever I kneel & pray.


I miss the giggling, the laughter & all the love-lorn sighs,

Whispering of soft silk, upon my white & trembling thighs,

Painting my lips crimson & the curling of my long fair hair,

I still miss the women´s things; tell me, am I being unfair?


I miss the complicity of women & everything that it entails,

The rumours of fashion, of men, & the imminent babies wails,

The ears adorned in gems & the click of the well turned heel,

I still miss the women´s things, I´m sorry, it´s just how I feel.


I miss being a real woman Lord, & I know that all, you see,

Can you find it in your heart, your forgiveness still for me?

With all of your love my Lord, by your side, I´m here to stay,

I still miss the women´s things, & to you, my secrets, I´ll pray.

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