Friday, 24 April 2015


He´s considered by society, merely one big joke,

He was one cool dude, who just one day awoke,

Then took off to the desert, in his old grey moke,

Folk riled, & within him, old emotions would evoke,

An old veteran hiding, behind his ever smoking toke,

Though rumours abounded, he was hooked on coke,

But his only poison was bourbon & his daily smoke,

Considered strange by most, this average old bloke,

Long grey hair tied in bandana, coloured egg yolk,

People made fun, & at him, they ever would poke,

But he would just slyly chuckle & raucously croak,

In his opinion, the whole world, could just go choke,

Only folk he considered, were beasts he could stroke,

Enough for him, society´s restraining tightened yoke,

With all its cruel banal behavior & it´s bigoted folk,

He´d never cause problems, nor tempers to stoke,

Around him he wrapped, the old desert´s kind cloak,

“I´m just fine”, he´d say, “My life´s just okey-doke,

So why should I fix myself, if I aint at all broke?”



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