Monday, 20 April 2015


Death touches us all, you, me, everyone, she is ours,

The two legged, four legged, rooted trees & flowers,

Those of root, stem, leaf, scale, claw & plumed feather,

Those who swim, slide, fly, hop & walk, all of us together.


Death touches the rich, poor, the black, yellow & white,

The ill, the well, the old, the young, it´s all in our plight,

Those who love, hate, lead, or those who simply follow,

Though we find it difficult & at times, hard to swallow.


Death´s not only of morticians, surgeons, doctors & carers,

But of everything that´s birthed, not only of pall bearers,

If only we were as at peace with death, as she is with us,

Friends forever, walking together, without all the fuss.


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