Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Sir, I´m a beggar at your mercy, & I´ll not purloin,

I will ask for your charity, but it´ll not be in coin,

I´ll hold out my hand, but not from you to take,

Please would you be so kind, to give it a shake?


Sir, I´m a beggar, but I´m not asking you for much,

It´s your charity I´m needing, of your gentle touch,

All I want from you Sir, is your warmest of smiles,

Just knowing that you cared, I could walk for miles.


Sir, I´m a beggar, yet nothing kind I´ve ever heard,

It´s your charity I´m wanting, in your kindest word,

Please look deep in my eyes & then be on your way,

Having given me your time Sir, you´ll have a good day.


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