Wednesday, 8 April 2015


This incorrigible lad fell in love with the eyes,

All eyes, whether cruel, stupid, pretty or wise,

It was deep down within his soul that he felt,

Whenever he saw beautiful eyes that melt.


He loved tropical eyes, of dark beaned coffee,

And those of the beautiful soft caramel toffee,

Probably hot chocolate eyes, he loved the best,

Yet he still loved, & could never resist the rest.


This lad loved blue eyes, of spume waved oceans,

That lapped at his heartstrings in lover´s emotions,

Collecting his treasures from eyes, of emerald & jade,

Yet those eyes of lilac & lavender just left him afraid.


It was always the eyes, that did it for this winsome lad,

He was the real Don Juan, yet really, he wasn´t so bad,

He merely fell in love with all beautiful eyes that melt,

This incorrigible lad just could not help what he felt.

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