Wednesday, 1 April 2015


If I get to heaven before you my dear,

Please don´t fret or worry & never fear,

For your arrival, I´ll prepare your room,

Shiny & clean, I´ll sweep with gold broom.


Your bed I´ll make, with silken cloud sheets,

Ready for the time, when again we´ll meet,

I shall lay your place at the heavenly table,

With the finest service, of which I am able.


By warm cosy hearth, your slippers I´ll lay,

Where we´ll sit snuggly & talk of our day,

With your favourite flowers, music & wine,

We´ll dance again, as I tell you, you´re mine.


 I´ll prepare you a sky-home, no one can rival,

And wait patiently, for your imminent arrival,

Then my love, we will play house, all over again,

Because even in death, our love can never wane.



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