Saturday, 4 April 2015



Said the good Lord to me, while I sat upon a cloud,

Before I was even born & possessed a voice so loud.


“No Lord”,

Said I, “Please don´t send back down to worldly earth,

I´ve gone back many times, in so many different births”.


“Ah child”,

Said the Lord, “There´s still something you have to earn,

You´ve lived many times, yet patience, you´ve still to learn”.


“Oh Lord”,

Said I, “I am so tired of earth & I am happy in heaven with you,

What plans do you have for me & what do you propose I do?”


“My child,”

“Just one more trip & from more comments you must refrain,

What´s more, to learn patience, I´ll send you down to Spain”.


“Dear Lord”,

“I vowed, that from earth below, I´d send you a newsy line,

But please promise me, that this will be the very last time?”


(Sent from Spain and still learning.)

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