Thursday, 9 April 2015


Tell me, why are animals lonely, why are animals sad?

Why are they treated so cruelly, why are humans so bad?

Why are creatures abandoned, why are they left alone?

Why do we ignore their wailings & sad sorry moans?

Why are they netted & snared, enclosed in cages & pens?

Why are they used for amusement, for fun of all silly men?

Why are all animals hunted, for ivory, skin, fur & horn?

Why were they put on earth? Is this why they were born?

Why are they bred for experiments, for beauty & for food?

Why do we do with animals, whatever suits our sad mood?

Why do we prod & bait them, & fight them just for sport?

Why as human beings, must we sell our souls so short?

Why oh why, I ask you all, as I daily break down & cry?

Why? The eternal question, Lord answer me, why oh why?



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