Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Do you remember those days when the children played?
When rays of sunshine danced & the snowflakes stayed,
Those days of wood-building-blocks & sand-castles made,
Of muddy puddles & weedy gardens where fairies strayed.

Recall the days when parents hugged & Grannies grumbled?
With orchard apples stolen & you were punished & humbled,
Butterflies chased with nets & the striped bees were bumbled,
Play-tired with dirty knees, wending home grubby & stumbled.

Remember warm milk from the cow & Mama´s hot apple pie?
Lying on small backs, counting clouds in the blue summer sky,
When wishes were dreams & between us, there was never a lie,
The future didn´t exist & innocent, we knew no one who´d died.

Do you remember when those days of play were so very long?
When every story, rhyme & tale became every wee child´s song,
The times, when we were shown & taught the right from wrong,
When we knew we were loved & knew where we all belonged.

Tell me, do you remember those days when the children played?
No TV, no computer, nothing digital & no screen ever displayed,
When children invented games outside, under trees that swayed,
And I thank God that I was one of those lucky children who played.

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