Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Day stalking night with its arrows & its bow,
Waiting in the wings to aim, shoot & throw,
To pierce the onyx dark with its darts of light,
Aims to rend the shadows of its helpless plight.

Night on its knees & weeping her tears of dew,
Surrenders to her arch-enemy of the day anew,
Knowing she has lost the battle of mighty skies,
As the new leader sun opens heavy-lidded eyes.

The battle starts anew when the sun yawns tired,
And moon decides it´s time for a new night sired,
Now no arrows needed & no violent war waged,
The mother night´s take over is so gently staged.

With a soft gentle nudging of her pink rosy dusk,
Day disappears softly, leaving used & empty husk,
No hard cruel words, just the harsh light blunted,
So it is, prey dispatched by the femme well hunted.

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