Saturday, 22 June 2013


Put in your prayers, a brother, a sister, a child & a beast,
Share a coin with the hungry, for the entire world to feast,
Give a smile to the sad, to frighten away the tearful frown,
Donate soft words to the lonely, to them a beautiful sound.

Bend down to the shivering puppy, abandoned & so alone,
Reach up to the big tree, before the axe man comes to hone,
Embrace the confused sad world, weeping in sore sorry pain,
Water drought´s land with your tears, where there is no rain.

If you have a prayer to spare, please place the world within,
If you have a caring heart, then all shall be duly rinsed of sin,
If you have a loving soul, then I know that you´ll deem to dare,
To put this whole wide universe inside your whispering prayer.

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