Thursday, 20 June 2013


One cold night, I heard the scratching at winter´s hoary door,
On opening, I saw you with raised pleading & bleeding paw,
With skinny frame, matted fur & of saddened & doleful eye,
You raised your abandoned little paw; how could I say goodbye?

Lovingly I took you in, cared for you & made you whole once more,
And knew you loved me back, when on my knee you laid your paw,
The vet said you were not a pup, but well advanced in doggie years,
I saw this in your sad old eyes & the grey within your thinning fur.

And whenever my silly tears flowed & I was feeling down & sad,
More than any human hand, your paw offered, to make me glad,
Your paws have played & walked far with me, on & off your lead,
Ever since that night we found each other, in love & lonely need.

But now your weary time on earth has come to a sad & hasty end,
No vet & medicines, no love, no miracle can all your ailments mend,
And as I hold you in my aching arms & watch your slow leaving ebb,
You look deep within my teary eyes as I stoke your noble silky head.

And we both know in our silent tongue, the love we both did share,
A love like this is hard to find, an understanding beautiful & so rare,
We became as one on that night, friends of that thankful snowy hoar,
And now in last farewell, as then, in my hand you place your trusting paw.

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