Thursday, 22 August 2013


Walk me away from all of life´s cruel ways,
Step by step, down the highways & byways,
Past loud jeering crowds & cruel jarring words,
To the end of all time where life begins anew.

Please step me a dance, waltzing slow & gently,
To where the swans glide & gazelles softly graze,
Beneath trees robed in dresses of emerald & jade,
To winter´s old boughs, kissed with icicles of death.

Tip-toe me silently past the dead & all who are sleeping,
To where dreams appear to babes in benevolent sighs,
And all is possible to those who live & still breathe deep,
Upon the leaden lidded pillows of deep dreamless slumber.

Swim me on the waves, on ripples & the small icy droplets,
Over wild blue oceans, dreamy rivers & the seedlings of rain,
Deep into caves of ancestors & the dark silence of the deaf,
To where ancient life is deeply hidden, lost & is never found.

Fly me up & away, high on the feathered wings of the plumed,
Above far away mountain peaks, below old woolen grey clouds,
Up & dancing around, with the swirling of Dervish´s dizzy thermals,
Step me faraway, so that I may know & touch the cheek of God.

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