Thursday, 1 August 2013


The praying–mantis danced with his Goddess the moon,
In silence, over desert sands, in hot balmy nights of June,
Their love was written in the stars & etched upon the runes.

The old cricket played his fiddle, beneath grey baobab tree,
Kalahari wind strewed confetti, petals of the chincherinchee,                  
 Ancient sands shifted & soulfully dreamed of old blue seas.

Old brown bats dipped, beasts stalked & pretty birds flew,
The sky wore diamonds & a mantle of velvet-midnight-blue,
Africa serenaded the night until the day was birthed anew.

The waltzing ended, as new-born-dawn cracked the lilac sky,
The moon kissed the lost horizon in tears, asking God, “Why?”
And the old desert wept stones, ancient & shamefully dry.

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