Friday, 9 August 2013


Excuse me sir, could you give me a minute of your time?
I do not want your dollars & I shall never beg your dime,
I just want your greeting, a nod, just a small little glance,     
Please don’t walk past me with your eyes turned askance.

Excuse me sir, could I ask you to please touch my hand?
I´m not contagious, I´ll not dirty you with old dusty sand,
I only want your gesture, just a small & gentle little touch,
Please sir, tell me, is what I´m asking, really far too much?

Excuse me sir, could you just give me one kind little word?         
I do not want your riches & money; I am not that absurd,
I just want your nod, a simple, “hello, how do you do?”
So that I may answer, “Fine thank you sir & how are you?”

Excuse me sir, I am just a simple beggar, but I´m not a thief,     
I´m just begging for some recognition & a little light relief,
From harsh realities of life & pavements of hard cold stone,
So excuse me sir, just one little smile, before you go on home.

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