Saturday, 6 June 2015


How very exquisite you are, my dearest Lady Earth,

Dressed, garbed & gowned, from ancient magical birth,

Cloaked, draped & clad, in soft petal, rough bark & leaf,

Enwrapped & enfolded, in spiraled shells & satiny sheath,


How beautifully robed my dear, veiled & mantled you are,

Be-hatted in rays of sunshine, pale moonbeams & soft stars,

 Swathed in feathers & furs, loaned by kind beasts still alive,

You’re sprinkled in golden gowns, gifted by bees in their hive.


How elegant you are Lady Earth, & so very suitably attired,

You´re envied by every woman, & by every man, so desired,

Be-jeweled & gloved by nature, stockinged & so delicately shod,

Padded, stitched & seamed, by that tailor with the name of God.


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