Monday, 22 June 2015


I want to press your lips between old pages of my history,

Your beauty, I desire to paint upon the canvas of my mind,

I want to pin your arms, to the golden stretch of sunbeams,

And to tie with silken webs, your languid legs to the moon,

I want to cage your dreams, in deep ocean´s sunken shells,

To enclose your heartbeat, within the hard un-cracked nut,

I want to store your blood, beneath seas, rivers & blue lakes,

Your saliva guarded, within safe dark vats, as old sweet wine,

I wish to spin your hair, into a blanket for my safe sleeping,

And your nails, one by one, as jewels, within my sacred etui,

I want your soft voice guarded, by the bronzed stings of bees,

Your smile, wrapped in velvet threads, deep within my heart,

As a pearl in oyster shell, I´ll wrap you, safely, tightly, snugly,

And I shall give you all your freedom, within my safekeeping.

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