Saturday, 20 June 2015


Lord, I want no wealth nor riches, merely more time,

I want not what others want, just what I claim as mine,

Give me wishes of wander, to amble through my eyes,

Give me time to ponder, to make me grow more wise.


Lord, please grant me time, to softly pray & whisper,

To watch dewdrops upon red roses, iced & gently glister,

Time to gaze upon old moths, & dragonflies frail wings,

Give me time to merely sit, beneath moon´s golden rings.


Lord, give me time to stare, down life´s long & breezy hall,

To stop & look at all of nothing, yet to be able to see it all,

I want time to amble, wend & wander, & time to stop at will,

Please my Lord, I want time to be, & time to be merely still.



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