Thursday, 4 June 2015


If you only took the time to strip her bare,

You´d find treasures buried deep down there,

Not just her clothes, like a chocolate´s wrap,

Go a step further than the belt, button & strap,

If you peel her skin, you´ll find her gentle flesh,

Remove tendon, vein, muscle & artery’s mesh,

Dig deeper & you´ll unearth her delicate bones,

Deeper you delve, you´ll hear her silent sad groans,

It´s the calling of her heart, that beat of her drum,

If you don´t stop there, you´ll hear her soul strum,

You will find more, with every layer so stripped,

Step by tentative step, with her being unzipped,

You´ll find her very all, when you reach her core,

Her stories, her songs, her poetry & much more,

So please strip her gently & her love will unfold,

Revealing to you, treasures of her secrets, yet untold.



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