Thursday, 11 June 2015


As I walked in the door, he peeped over his paper,

“Well, well, well, so tell me, how was your caper?

Did you meet all of your friends, Ann Jen & Sue?

And while you were out, tell me, what did you do?

Been shopping my dear, tell me, what did you buy?

A rouge for your cheek, for your hair a new dye?

Or maybe a frock, a scarf, or a new lipstick in red?

Clickety heeled shoes, or quirky clip for your head?

Now you are back dear, tell me, what´s for my tea?

Have you prepared something delicious for me?”


“Yes my husband dearest, out shopping I have been,

But my friends, Ann, Jen & Sue were not to be seen,

I bought no makeup nor perfumes & nothing to wear,

And certainly nothing to change the colour of my hair,

I bought no new frocks, nor fancy clips for my head,

 I bought a brand new Ferrari dear, in bright scarlet red,

Your eyes may now bulge dear, at the money I´ve spent,

I know I can´t drive dear, & now, we can´t pay the rent,

The car includes Italian chauffeur, who will pander to me,

So from today dear, you can prepare your own bloody tea.”


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