Saturday, 6 June 2015


Spring flounces in, with fine gauzy frippery,

In soft tulles & floral satins, so very slippery,

Light & lovely in pastels, silken & so fresh,

Transparent in gowns of soft billowing mesh.


Summer makes her statement in colours so bold,

Imprinted upon cottons, in scarlet, blue & gold,

Skimming bronze skin, as a kiss upon the breeze,

Wafting in turquoise textures, of foamy saline seas.


Autumn arrives tufted, so twilled & copper ruffled,

Brocaded in her foliage, upon earth now reshuffled,

Golden, bronze & crimson, in velveteen blood reds,

As trees shiver & shake their sleepy balding heads.


Winter woolens whisper wily words to weary soil,

Tiptoeing now softly, shod in slippers of snowy foil,

Frost of lace unraveling, the unstitched undone seams,

Everyone now sleeps, while the tailor´s at his dreams.



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