Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Guardian of the tower, clad in cemetery´s onyx plumes,
Meandering beneath the stars upon boned marble tombs,
Encased in midnight mantles spun by misty spiders looms,
Feathers kissed by arrows, shot from silver ancient moons,
Serenading long-gone spirits with your deep & ebony tunes,
Unseen by living´s eyes, disappearing long before hot noons.

Creeping in with musty dawn, sat upon stone of Angel´s head,
Welcoming in slow grey morn of pewter-mauve & bruised lead,
“Be brave guardian of the hallowed bones”, God to his spirit said,
“Keep safe those long gone souls, who fill the still-living with dread,
No longer formed of flesh & speech, no veins of blood flowing red,
Their spirits live on in my keeping, but I want you to guard the dead.”

 You´re no carrion crow of pearly sky, upon canvas with oils daubed,
Gargoyles, guardians vigilant, mullion eyed, pebbled, stony & orbed,
Keeping secrets of the dead, beneath wings black, hidden & stored,
As sun sneaks creeping in, dewdrops your imbibing plumes absorbed,
Your ancient psalms of eons, on cracked crypts are echoed & cawed,
Carrying away sins of man, on high, to where you´ve vanished & soared.

Raven, guardian of the grave of night, Great Spirit of flint & jet-shot eye,
You, ever-watching vigilant, every mote of dust & crawling worm you spy,
You know your place in history & never deem nor dare to ask God why?
Beneath the velvet cloak of night, where ghosts upon old breezes sigh,
This place of peace & our interment, to where we go when we all die,
And with sun´s sly golden smile, stretching your wings, away you fly.

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