Wednesday, 17 July 2013


The feather asked the little bird, “Why do you carry me so high?”
The bird answered, “So you can see the big world before you die”,
The bird asked the feather, “Tell me, why do you cover my skin?”
The feather said, “So when you travel you´ll keep warm within”.

The foot asked the elephant, “Why am I so very heavy & wide?”
The elephant answered, “So you may always walk by my side”,
The elephant asked the foot, “Why do you plod so weary & slow?”
The foot said, “So you´ll be sure & steady on your way as you go”

The whale asked the wave, “Why do you never leave me alone?”
The wave answered, “So that you will always have a safe home”,
The wave asked the whale, “Why do you blow me high in spume?”
The whale said, “So you may feel the sun & know mother moon”.

The hoof asked the donkey, “Why do you walk with a clip & a clop?”
The donkey answered, “So you walk sure-footed not having to hop”,
The donkey asked the hoof, “Why are you as hard as iron-clad nails?”
The hoof said, “So your step never falters, never stumbles & fails”.

The scale asked the serpent,” Why do you shed me at certain times?”
The serpent answered, “So no one accuses you of venomous signs”,
The serpent asked the scale, “Why do you soft-shift & silently slide?”
The scale then said, “So you may softly slither, utterly & quietly glide”.

The butterfly asked the petal, “Why do you let me to upon you alight?”
The petal answered, “So that in your short life I´ll know you´re alright”,
The petal asked the butterfly, “Tell me, why then did you choose mine?”
The butterfly said, “So that you may know all that is good & God divine”.

The man asked the soul, “Please tell me, why on earth I am alive & here?”
The soul answered, “So that you can learn of love & to dominate all fear”.
The soul asked the man, “Why don´t you ever stop & listen to my voice?”
The man said, “It´s because I believe I´m superior & that I have a choice”.

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